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How To Preserve Brazilian Curly Weave Hair Overnight

Posted by alihair 
How To Preserve Brazilian Curly Weave Hair Overnight
March 12, 2019 12:08AM
Brazilian Curly Hair is a kind of these hair textures.It can be a challenging texture to wear if you have always worn straight hair extensions. If you have had relaxed hair for a few years and have forgotten the many challenges of natural hair, Brazilian remy curly hair would be a great way to bring you into the world of highly textured hair and help you make the decision of whether to transition to natural hair.

So there is a question you will ask, how to preserve my Brazilian Hair Weave overnight? This is how you go about styling and preserving curly virgin Brazilian hair overnight without having to re-wet the hair every morning:

1. To make sure that your hair should already have been braided down to blend with the Brazilian curly texture as per this method.

2. Separate a section of hair near your nape and spray liberally with water until drenched. Using a gel or heavy curl styling cream rake and smooth through the curls using just your fingers. Run your fingers down each curl twirling as you go so you can get perfectly defined and separated curls.

3. Repeat this with the rest of your Loose Deep Wave Hair until you get to the crown. When you get close to where you leave out is, avoid using too much gel. You actually want this section of hair to get a little big and frizzy so that it blends better with your leave out.

4. Allow the Brazilian curly human hair weave to air dry or blow dry using a diffuser attachment. Do not touch the hair while it is trying to avoid any additional or unnecessary frizz. Release your leave out hair to blend in with the extensions and that will be your look for the day.

5. In the evening, you will want to "pineapple" your hair. This is simply using a hair elastic band to tie your hair up at the very top of your head to form a "pineapple". You don't want to tie the hair elastic too tight to avoid leaving a dent in your curly Brazilian remy hair, in fact, just wrapping the band around the weave hair extension without doubling over will be enough to secure it for the night. Sleep on a satin covered pillowcase.

6. In the morning release the "pineapple" and fluff your virgin Brazilian curly hair bundles with your fingers to style. The style should still be wonderfully big and voluminous at the front and less so at the back for the perfect balance. As the week goes on you can choose to re-wet the hair where the curls need plumping back up.

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