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How to Maintain Wet and Wavy Brazilian Hair Weave

Posted by alihair 
How to Maintain Wet and Wavy Brazilian Hair Weave
March 05, 2019 11:33PM
Weaves and extensions have always been popular among girls and women. After all, it’s one of those investments where you incur the crown that you never intend to take off. And talking about hair extensions, the most popular among the lot is virgin Brazilian Hair. The hair texture, quality, lustre, volume, smoothness and silky looks are all so natural and impeccably beautiful. Above everything, the different types of Brazilian hair extensions are way beyond expressions.

Now, you need to know in the first place that moisture plays a great role in keeping your weaves intact just like the first time you wore it. The hair should be taken special care to obtain moisture to the hair and continue to provide you with the awestruck looks. In case of wavy hair, it is quite a hefty process for the maintenance as it is not like straight hair extensions.

The first thing you need to know is that, how can you prevent your beautiful and sleek Wet and Wavy Brazilian Hair Weave from getting tangled! You might take it as an alert or rather simpler words, know the simplest of hacks which will not bore your any losses. Curious to know! So, there you go –

Try to detangle or remove the knots from the wet and wavy weave with your fingers. It would be rather useful to perform the same with the use of the wide-toothed comb.

Post the shampooing sessions get away with conditioner. Left the conditioning for like nearly half an hour to preserve the look and the lustre of the quality Body Wave Hair. Make sure to perform the entire proceeding from 7 days to a fortnight to maintain the quality and the shine of the hair weave.

If by any chance you have not performed the detangling process in the first place, this is the best moment to perform the same. In no case should you brush your wavy hair weave. Keep parting the thread one after the other.

After thorough conditioning, wash the hair well. Make sure that the conditioner has been accurately washed away.

Pat your hair dry with a towel. Do not put too much of pressure and let it air dry. Once your hair is completely dry, just sway your hair hither and thither. And give it a good shake, to restore the seemingly gorgeous curls.

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