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Posted by lxd123456 
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January 12, 2019 01:06AM
To achieve healthy weight loss and function properly Aaron Nola Jersey , our bodies must be well hydrated. In total, better than 70% of our cells, tissues, and organs are made up of water. Our most important organ, the brain, is made up of over 85% water. Water is Rhys Hoskins Jersey , in fact, the regulator of all functions of the human body and is the core of any healthy weight loss program.

In his book The Laws of Life and Health, Alexander Bryce, MD makes the following statement: "There is no fluid known to chemists which can dissolve as many solid substances as water, which is indeed the best solvent in existence. If, therefore Maikel Franco Jersey , sufficient quantities of it are supplied, the whole process of nutrition is stimulated because the paralyzing effect of the toxic waste products is removed by their solution and subsequent excretion by the kidneys, skin, bowel, or lungs. If, on the other hand Mike Schmidt Jersey , these toxic materials are allowed to accumulate in the body, all sorts of diseases will arise."

In other words, water is necessary in assisting the body in the dilution and elimination of waste products. Stated differently, in order to avoid disease, achieve healthy weight loss, and maintain optimal health Philadelphia Phillies Jersey , the body requires optimal hydration.

Water serves other purposes within the body aside from waste removal and disease control:
* Transports nutrients to all tissues of the body.
* Regulates body temperature.
* Necessary for all chemical reactions in the body.
* Maintains the body's acid-alkaline balance.

Despite our acknowledgement of the importance of water in a healthy weigh loss and lifestyle plan, very few Americans utilize this knowledge by applying it on a consistent basis. As a society we drink too much coffee and tea, too many sodas, too much alcohol, and too many sport drinks. These fluids are both high in caffeine andor sugar. This combination raises blood sugar and insulin levels and creates a state of dehydration. And, as we stated earlier Stephen Piscotty Jersey , chronic dehydration leads to disease.

So, to achieve the desirable healthy weight loss results you are seeking, you simply must drink more pure water and the right kind of pure water. We say pure because most of our available tap water isn't so great. Tap water contains antibiotics, pesticides, chlorine and other contaminants that our bodies can do without.

Best Pure Water Sources:
* Distilled: rated purest by National Science Foundation
* Miracle water: distilled water with added electrolytes
* Filtered: reverse osmosis is best
* Sparkling: should have no carbohydrates
* Decaffeinated teas and coffees

Although drinking water by itself is by far the best strategy, you can also obtain a considerable amount of water from eating high water content foods. Water rich foods such as fruits Rickey Henderson Jersey , vegetables, and sprouts will supplement what you are drinking on a daily basis and will assist in your healthy weight loss plan.

A good indicator of how well hydrated you are is the color of your urine. Urine that is dark yellow or orange indicates that the kidneys are working very hard to rid the body of poisonous toxins. If your urine happens to be this color, it is an indication of dehydration. Urine that is clear at least once a day is an indication of optimal water consumption.

The Metamorphic Weight Loss Program Water Consumption Recommendations
* Body weight in pounds divided by 2 = Minimum number of ounces of water to be consumed each day.
* Drink enough water until your urine runs clear at least once a day.

Proper hydration of your body through the consumption of pure water every day is a fundamental requirement for healthy weight loss and overall better health.
Finance > Insurance > Home InsuranceCork flooring Is the Best Option for Your Home

Posted by corkfloorsales in Finance on April 2nd, 2016

Cork flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options among interior designers, home owners and architects for both commercial and residential use.

Cork flooring comes in floating click floors or glue-down tiles. Cork flooring is soft and comfortable to walk on and is much quieter than your typical laminate or tile floors. Cork flooring is hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial making it resistant to pest, mold and mildew.

Cork flooring is perfect for home gyms or yoga studios. Cork is full of tiny air pockets. Because of these air pockets Oakland Athletics Jersey , cork is resilient and flexible and can absorb the shock of fitness workouts. Cork flooring is known for its strong and supportive base, but is also soft and cushiony perfect for yoga, jump rope, or even kickboxing.

These same tiny pockets of air, work as one of nature’s best insulating products. Cork flooring will insulate your home; it can also help lower your heating costs. Have a damp and musty basement; cork flooring can take care of that for you.

Most cork flooring uses water based polyurethane which works well with this green flooring material. Cork flooring is eco-friendly and renewable, making it one of the most green floor choices.

Cork material is ecological sustainable and a 100% renewable source. Since only the bark is removed from the Cork Oak Aaron Judge Jersey , the tree can continue living and growing its bark, ready to be hand peeled again in 9-12 years.

Cork floors today take on many different faces. You can have floating floors in square edge or bevel edges. The newest version of cork is to take an image of hardwood and attach it to a cork plank. This gives you all the benefits of cork flooring, but you get the look of hardwood.

Don’t decide on your new floor until you look at cork!

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