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Posted by lxd123456 
October 11, 2018 07:34PM
Common statins side effects involve muscle pain Cheap @#$%& Air Max Vapormax Online , liver damage and loss of memory. But there are actually unwanted effects that only males suffer.

Statins Side Effects Males Should Know About

Statins side effects are the same in males and females. These can include muscle discomfort, liver damage Cheap @#$%& Air Max 2018 Online , loss of memory, gas Cheap @#$%& Air Max 2017 Online , nausea or vomiting and also faintness. This kind of medication is prescribed by physicians for individuals with high blood cholesterol levels to lower their risk to possibly fatal conditions such as heart attacks and stroke. Nevertheless there are unwanted side effects that only have an impact males.


Gynecomastia relates to the development of breasts in men. Though cases of men acquiring gynecomastia are usually rare there are actually cases of this disorder connected to the ingestion of Simvastin. Reports show that this is possibly caused by the drug’s effects on the endocrine system. Yet another side effects associated with this is hypospermia or low semen volume.

Prevalent statins side effects include things like muscle discomfort, liver damage and loss of memory. Yet there are actually adverse reactions that only men encounter.

Erectile Dysfunction

In a research by Dr Kash Rizvi and his colleagues imply that using cholesterol lowering drugs such as statins and fibrates may lead to erectile dysfunction. There are scientific cases recorded in Australia where 42 instances are connected to consuming Simvastin. Of the 42 men Cheap @#$%& Air Max Online , 35 have been taking Simvastin only. This has led quite a few to assume that simvastin could impact the nervous system by passing the blood brain barrier and interacting with other drugs. This interaction might result in male impotence and also erectile deficiency. The great news concerning these kinds of statins side effects is that it could be momentary and relatively easy to fix.

Liver Problems

One of the possible statins repercussions to threaten more males compared to females is liver problems. Scientists theorize that because males generally drink more liquor than females liver issues are more likely to manifest in men. This is one of the explanations why liver checks are normally conducted on men and women undergoing statin treatment.


The danger of myopathy is six times greater in males compared to women. Myopathy is a sort of muscular condition whereby muscle fibers stop to operate. Muscle cramping, rigidity and also spasms are usually connected with myopathy. Men and women struggling from statin stimulated myopathy usually complain of persistent muscular pains.

One of the most serious statins side effects is a muscle condition identified as rhabdomylosis. This transpires when injury to the muscles is so severe it generates toxic compounds. These toxic compounds get into the blood stream and accumulate within the kidneys. An excess of harmful toxins puts a burden on the organ forcing it to fail which in turn could lead to fatalities.

The Benefits of Statins

Males with cholesterol levels over 240 mgdL and LDL levels of 130 mgdL or higher need to think about ingesting statin meds. Statins can reduce the threat of cardiac arrest up to 15% and minimize LDL levels by up to 30%. Potential statins after-effects to the side Cheap Air Max Vapormax Online , men who have had a cardiac event during the previous years, have diabetes Cheap Air Max 2018 Online , have a family track record of coronary heart illness and are overweight must contemplate using statin prescription drugs.

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Statins Side Effects Males Must Know About?, Statins Side Effects Males Should Know About?

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