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Posted by lxd123456 
October 11, 2018 07:28PM
Whether you are looking to buy pieces to add to your collection or gift it to someone @#$%& Air Max 90 Sale Outlet , silver jewelry is an excellent option. However, you must be careful when buying silver jewelry like checking its quality and authenticity, purchasing from a reputable dealer, picking up jewelry according to your taste, style @#$%& Air Vapormax Sale Outlet , occasion, opting for interchangeable pieces, etc. Jewelry is a huge and one of the most fashionable industries of the world. Currently, with gold and diamond jewelry fast becoming unaffordable, women’s silver jewelry is becoming incredibly popular. Silver is not as expensive as gold @#$%& Air Max 2017 Sale Outlet , but it has a lot more to it. Whether you are wearing silver rings or silver earrings, it looks extremely chic and fashionable. Its affordability, variety of designs and durability is making it one of the most sought out material for jewelry today. Those who desire can even order for bespoke jewelry via a reputed jewelry maker. However, if you are looking to buy authentic handcrafted silver jewelry, it’s best to keep the following tips in mind.

Determining quality and authenticity

It is important to ascertain the quality of silver used in making the jewelry piece you are considering to purchase. Silver is a highly soft metal. Hence it is often mixed with other alloys and metals @#$%& Air Max 2018 Sale Outlet , usually copper to enhance its strength. The best quality would have about 92.5% silver by weight and the rest of 7.5% composed of other materials. The silver content below this value might not retain its original color. The authentic silver jewelry pieces from reputed dealers would come stamped with 92.5 or .925 or 925.

If the seal is missing, it is better not to purchase that piece unless you are hundred percent sure of the dealer who is selling you the jewelry piece. Simultaneously, inspect the piece carefully to check out for any visible imperfections. The clasps and the earrings posts’ strength should be verified as chain link bracelets and necklace should be checked for any kinks or any vulnerability to it. Additionally, check out for the word, ‘plated.' This means that the item is not made of silver but is merely given a top thin coating of silver. These are not pure silver pieces and must not be purchased under that notion.

Always opt for reputable source

Regardless of whether you are buying a silver jewelry or a gold jewelry @#$%& Air Max Sale Outlet , it’s always better to buy from an authentic and reliable store. You should also not confuse between commercially manufactured jewelry and the handcrafted silver jewelry. The later is created by artisans with much effort and have a unique creativity and craftsmanship attached to them. You might seek recommendations from friends, families and another known person who had purchased such jewelry from the dealer in the past. Always opt for an established and verified dealer who had been in the business at least for five years.

Silver and your style

The plethora of silver jewelry styles available is mindboggling. Thus, it is important to ascertain the purpose for which you are purchasing that piece of jewelry. For instance, you could be buying it for everyday wear, or you would want to wear it occasionally to some party or events to make a style statement. Your search changes with your aim. For everyday wear Air Max 90 Sale Outlet , you might be choosing a simply elegant piece while you might opt for something flamboyant and glamorous to grab eyeballs during any party event.

Shop for interchangeable pieces

Budget is always an issue when buying jewelry pieces. Thus, it is always a smart idea to shop for interchangeable parts. For instance, you can buy one chic looking silver chain and multiple pendants with it which you can change and look unique and versatile on every occasion. Similarly, you can buy stacked rings which you can make a style statement, wearing together in a finger. For casual occasions Air Vapormax Sale Outlet , you can slip one in each finger or merely a piece of it in your finger. Such interchangeable pieces not only help save you money but also give you more versatility in your jewelry collection.

Buying options

Today, you can buy silver jewelry from jewelry stores, department stores, booths, independent jewelry designers and even online. You can also easily order for bespoke customized pieces designed exclusively for you. No matter what Air Max 2017 Sale Outlet , you should be entirely sure of its authenticity, return policy, guarantee, etc., before making the purchase.

BRUSSELS, March 20 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) is on the track to suspending meat imports involved in Brazil meat scandal, a spokesperson said Monday.

"The commission is in the process of ensuring that any of the establishment implicated in the fraud are suspended from the exporting to the EU," said Enrico Brivio, spokesman of the European Commission.

Intensive contacts have taken place between the EU and Brazilian authorities since Friday, when the Brazilian police uncovered a massive scheme of meat adulteration, which involved some of the country's largest meat producers.

The EU and member states stayed vigilant on meat imports from Brazil and accordingly have enhanced the control, the spokesman told a press briefing, adding that Brussels has asked for further clarification from Rio de Janeiro but got no specific information at this stage.

According to media reports, the size of affected meat imports seemed to be small and the two sides were working to figure out the detailed amount and specific kinds of product to the EU markets, said Brivio.

The commission noted that the scandal had no direct link to the EU's free trade talks with South American bloc Mercosur and any future deal would be supposed to meet the EU's high regulatory requirements and food safety standards.

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