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Best survival game you must try - Don’t Starve

Posted by Lissandragaren3 
Best survival game you must try - Don’t Starve
January 18, 2019 12:10AM
Best survival game you must try - Don’t Starve

When it comes to survival games, some people might think about Minecraft. However, it is not the only choice. Let’s discover Don’t Starve, another worth-playing game with us.

You are not interested in stressful action or violent shooting genres anymore, are you? And, if you prefer a relaxing but attractive game, Don’t Starve will be a great choice.


The main character is Wilson, an intelligent mad scientist who always desires to invent a great product. Eventually, he creates a machine that can make him enter another world without knowing that it’s only Maxwell's conspiracy, the evil wizard. His purpose is to capture you and challenge your will.

It’s quite simple to start the game. No introduction, no guidance, no help. You are thrown into that strange world and woke up without knowing where you are and what to do. To escape, you have to learn and begin your adventure with yourself.


The gameplay of this Game android offline download is quite easy to learn. You need to gather as many as possible and make use of them to create the necessary things to survive there. For example, you pick up a stone and a stick of wood and then use two materials to make an ax to cut down trees.

There are three things you should pay attention to, including health, wisdom, and food. If you lack of only one factor, it can lead to your death. When the night comes, try to make fire to scare the dangerous beasts.

In the game, in addition to finding a way to reinstall Maxwell's machine to escape, you must fight for your survival. As a survival game, the game map is unlimited, and you just try to live as long as possible to find the pieces of the Maxwell machine and return home.

Key features

What makes the game special is the creation of an attractive and fascinating environment with full of amazing creatures. In dense forests, fierce wolves come to hunt for you, or cute rabbits in the meadow might become your friends. Many other interesting things are waiting for you to discover in Don't Starve. The world that blends perfectly between magic and science, full of fanciful and interesting, is created to let you play in hours without boredom.

The epic 3D graphics and exciting sound is also an outstanding factor. All the details in this Apk game top are strange, unique and cleverly integrated in the 3D space.

And once you have completed the challenge, you can still play the game again with unlocked characters. Each with a special ability makes you feel completely new. The in-game map is always generated randomly so that you will always get excited during the gameplay.

Sometimes, you might not want to end the game. A hard day of hunting, exploring murky caves and getting to know friendly wild animals, then sitting near the warm fire is surely unforgettable experiences.

So are you ready to join the fascinating adventure? Don't Be Hungry-Don't Starve and find out more Apk game best at our store for more funs.
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