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Top 4 great survival games similar to PUBG Mobile that you should try

Posted by clintonjmolina111 
Top 4 great survival games similar to PUBG Mobile that you should try
December 14, 2018 12:24AM
After the great success of PUBG, a lot of survival games with similar gameplay have been released. If you are too fed up with PUBG and want to find some things new, here are some of the best PUBG alternatives that you can try.

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1, Survivor Royale

With excellent 3D graphics and various playing modes, Survivor Royale is a perfect copy of PUBG that surely worthy of your time. Its engaging gameplay promises to bring you a lot of enjoyable experiences as you can flexibly change between the first-person mode and the third-person mode. By that way, you can cover the game and make the right strategy to fight.

With the same gameplay as PUBG, you and the other 99 players will be parachuted to an island. You will not have any weapons at the start of the game, and your task now is to collect weapons, items and participate in fierce battles to survive. The playable area will gradually be shrunk within 20 minutes, requiring players to have a smart strategy to kill other players and then become the only survivor in the game.

2, Last Survive - Chicken Dinner

Last Survive - Chicken Dinner is also a survival game that you should try. In order to win the game, you need to have excellent tactical thinking to defeat other players and complete your tasks in the game. Becoming the last survivor is your ultimate goal. The unique feature of Last Survive - Chicken Dinner is that it does not take place on the island like other games but take place in a building in the city center. Because the fighting space is shrinking, the pace of battles will be faster, and you can detect your enemies if attacked. And remember, do not follow any rules, just do everything to accomplish your most important task: become the last survivor and get the chicken dinner.

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3, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds also promises to bring players a lot of enjoyable experiences with three familiar modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad. The game offers eight characters both male and female for you to choose from. The weapon system in the game is quite diverse with the familiar guns such as AK47, M16, AWM. You can also equip with more additional accessories to help your weapons operate effectively.

Each fight in the game will only allow up to 20 players to take part in instead of 100 people as the other Battle Royale games and your task is still to knock down all enemies and become the last survivor. The maximum time for each match is 10 minutes. Since the combat area is not too large, it is easier to find your enemies.

4, Free Fire: Battlegrounds

You and 49 remaining players will participate in a survival battle in which you have to find a way to survive on the desert island. All players will have 40 seconds to prepare before entering the battle. Each match will take place in only 10 - 15 minutes at a very fast pace. Because the island in the game is not too large, the playable area will be shrunk very quickly so the player must be assertive in every action to win this game.

We just introduced some of the best survival games that you can try besides PUBG Mobile. Hope you have exciting experiences while playing these games. Have[/i] fun! You can also get sporty: download the best sport games for your Android.

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