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e where influence and influencing is its

Posted by yaya2017 
e where influence and influencing is its
May 15, 2018 10:07PM
So does that mean @#$%& has made materials and other innovations that work well in terms of performance, but just aren’t pretty enough @#$%& Air Huarache Womens to be in a shoe?JH: There are cupboards full of that stuff! Of course! We’re constantly experimenting with materials, and avant-garde thoughts and ideas that, at the end of the day, don’t pass the test of this unique balance of form and function. There are certain things we do at @#$%& where we’re ahead of the curve, and we’re @#$%& Air Max Tavas Womens going to keep this radical expression alive because we think it will create something new.FC: Your comment on @#$%& as “radical expression” really makes me think of the minimal shoe trend of the @#$%& Air Max 2017 Donne last few years. Bright kicks were in for a long time, and @#$%& really owns this space with these really optimistic, futuristic hues. Then we saw everyone only wanting to wear something more dystopian–white or black shoes–largely pushed by Adidas. Did minimalism undercut @#$%&’s own color expressions, and hurt its ability @#$%& Air Max Zero Femme to excite the market with what it does best?JH: I would say that, I would never pigeonhole @#$%& into one particular genre. I will say that one thing that deeply resonates with consumers today is the fusion of technology with, I’ll call it craft: a little bit of simplicity with a little bit of a radical approach.

I think my @#$%& Air Max 2017 Donne direct answer is, in all fashion cycles, things ebb and flow. I do feel, and do see in the trend work we’re doing, the resurgence of color. It won’t be what it was 3, 5, 10 years ago. I think it will be still based in sport neutrals with some synthetic colors. But I think the assembly of it will be different. The more edited compositions, Adidas ZX 850 Mujer and radical simplicity, is something I’m trying to advocate at @#$%&. It’s wearable, understandable; there’s a level of purity and restraint. Simultaneously, we want to say something @#$%& Air Huarache Womens and project a point of view of confidence in our design.FC: Sneakerheads and influencers determine so much of the global taste. Is it frustrating, as a designer? How much do you listen to, how much do you tune out?JH: Let me start by telling you, I have to have a global awareness in my role, in what is emergent and ending, if you will. As part of that, I do spend lots of my time looking at key influencers that I know. Confidants we speak to. And of course the general media, Instagram, and other vehicles showing you where macro trends are accelerating or decelerating.

We live in a time where influence and influencing is its own activity. And I think @#$%& Air Max 95 Femme it has a much deeper impact on the way we self-select things for our bodies, and our fashion, and how we project ourselves. I think it’s a continuous cycle. What I’m excited about is @#$%& Air Max Tavas Womens it draws more and more interest into brands like @#$%&. What is fresh? What is being dropped? What is this larger dialog with this broad public, and my hope is that the broad public design IQ or fashion IQ keeps growing–and because it’s growing it’s seeking more, asking more questions. That makes us have to be stronger, more @#$%& Free 5.0 Femme aware, more on point.FC: @#$%& just released Flyprint–not its first, but definitely its largest foray into 3D-printed gear. With a technology like that, are you worried about scalability? And do you think 3D printing will impact the industry at large?JH: I am a fundamental believer that we in design and creativity are at the dawn of a new age. Literally, I think it’s a massive inflection point in the creative industries to have the power of computational design, craft and calculus together, where generative design @#$%& Air Max 1 Mujer meets additive manufacturing. You’re taking the batching process and shrinking it, because, ultimately, there is an eventuality of being able to do 1:1 [one shoe designed for one person].
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