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group into a couple

Posted by lasky1994 
group into a couple
February 10, 2018 12:09AM
A couple of people have asked about High School Cross Country training. Adidas Zx Flux Damen Blumen At the end of their season, I’ll post the entire training plan. For right now, I’ll give a couple of quick pointers on my general philosophy.

The biggest difference in HS running is that you have a very wide range of abilities and a large number of athletes. Because of this, individualization is very hard to do. That prevents a major problem with my coaching style, because a major part of my philosophy is training each person as an individual. Because of this conundrum, you have to make a choice on what approach you can take. I’ll explain what I would ideally do if I was watching every workout, and then what I have to do in just writing a training plan and getting feedback.

When it comes to individualizing big groups, you have to figure out how to divide the runners based on broad physiologic characteristics. The first division @#$%& Air Max 90 Femme Blanche is easy. You divide the runners based on what race distance they are training for. In Cross Country, this doesn’t @#$%& Air Max Classic BW Dames do you much good because everyone practically trains for the same distance. The next step is to split the group into a couple categories based on their individual physiologic characteristics.

To simplify things, my division is based on whether they are a fast-twitch or a slow twitch runner. It is a simple Adidas Stan Smith Dam division that drastically effects how the runner should train for that particular event. Each group of runner will need slightly different workouts to improve the particular training aspect that you are working on. A quick example is improvement in aerobic Adidas Gazelle Femme abilities. A FT runner will need a different stimulus than a ST runner. Why? If we think of it in exaggerated terms, a runner with 90% ST fibers will recruit a very large portion of his fibers, and thus train them, at highly aerobic paces. So, your typical threshold run for 20min will do the job. A FT runner will need a different paced workout though because his recruitment pattern will be different, if for say he has 60% ST fiber. Well, at the same relative speed as the ST runner, he’ll need to bring in more FT fibers to do the work. So, some slower tempo running combined Adidas Superstar Womens Black with extensive intervals at 5k-10k paces will do the job of increasing that threshold.
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