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The clouds are filled and the

Posted by ylq 
The clouds are filled and the
December 06, 2018 12:09AM
The clouds are filled and the road ahead. The clouds are cleared and the weather is fine. --Inscriptionn the warm sunshine, holding "Robinson Crusoe" into a sweet dream, with the time and space tunnel fortunately and Robinson had a short time on the island Cigarettes Wholesale Online. Really understand the dilemma he encountered and his will to overcome the dilemma. Robinson did not do anything earth-shattering, but lived like us. But these trivial details are the process of Robinson's confrontation with the predicament, which is something that almost everyone has experienced: darkness, hunger, fear, loneliness. The reason why Robinson��s experience is legendary is that in a t a legendary story! It has inspired countless troubled people to cheer up Newport Regular Cigarettes, how many people have lost their way, Robinson has become an admirable figure in his heart with his perseverance Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. Rather than being obsessed with the bizarre encounters in this book, it is better to say that the spirit of the protagonist Robinson touched me. Even if it is a small grass, it will know how to survive stubbornly in a difficult situation. How many people in this world have the wisdom that other creatures do not have, and surrender in the face of setbacks? When life is alive, what matters is not to enjoy happiness, but to endure suffering. Adversity is the best university. We must grow up in adversity and live better in adversity. The secret of the winner is "Where to fall, where to get up." Don't give up the chance to stand up again for a momentary loss. Difficulties are not terrible. Destiny is not a sure thing. As long as you work hard, difficulties will become a stepping stone in your life Cheap Newport Cigarettes Cartons Online, and fate will be in your own hands. The situation in which face, I feel how small compared to Robinson! It��s hard enough to live on a deserted island, but Robinson is always on the lookout for wild people to attack him. If we don't have the consciousness of self-protection, it is very difficult for him to live on the island for 28 years and actually return to the UK safely. It can be seen how important the awareness of self-protection is to people! General Napoleon once said: "Many people are not enough to rely on. To survive depends on themselves." Similarly, if we rely too much on our friends, parents, etc., when I want to live independently, I can��t Adapt to all this. But if we say that we usually live independently, then we can face it when we encounter some unexpected things, and solve it with a calm and heavy attitude. In the face of danger, calmness is the quality we should have.true that the era we live in now does not necessarily drift like a Robinson to a desert island, but our lives will not be smooth, and sometimes we may encounter some dangerous things. But only if we know how to take the right measures will we escape from danger Cigarette Wholesale Online. Reading Defoam's Robinson Crusoe, reminds me of one thing: knowledge is power. Robinson can survive alone for 28 years on a deserted island, relying on his wisdom and labor: if he does not work, then he can only be eaten by the eater; if he does not have knowledge, then he Only the possibility of dying on a desert island. Therefore, knowledge can change the fate. This sentence isinto meditation. There are many difficulties and challenges in our lives. We must challenge the misfortune with a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. The great people are more great because of the unfortunate tempering. The weak people make him more because of the unfortunate torture. cowardly. When we face the cruel reality, we must accept it frankly, don't escape, and we can't give up. Everyone's growth process will be through setbacks. Some people fall in front of the difficult door, but some people walk into the city of frustration. After several struggles, they finally come out of the city. Even if it falls, it is respected by people. In the storm, some people never cried, never complained, and finally rained through the sky to see the rainbow, and opened the clouds to see the dawn, they are successful people, as great as Robinson. The future is not built by others, but built by ourselves. Although they encounter thorny roads on the way, they will use a sickle to open up a road. In the sand, they will go forward and reach the other side of success. Watch the sunrise on the shore and cultivate themselves. The splendid flower. There are so many difficulties in the long road of life. Although there are pains of failure, more is the joy of success. I believe that I can defeat the difficulties. What is more important is to engrave my life with a brave and strong heart. The brilliant page after defeating the setback!fe will start with this book. In the voyage of life, bravely advance, never give up!
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