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Some tips for the crusher when purchasing

Posted by crushermachine2 
Some tips for the crusher when purchasing
December 05, 2018 06:58PM
The crusher is an important equipment in our crushed mine stone. With the development, it has many types, mainly divided into hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher and Crusher For Minings. Cone crusher, etc. Different models also have a big difference in their performance. So, as a stone manufacturer, what are the skills we have to buy a crusher?
Think of the goal, what is the material we want to break, we have the direction with the goal, and we start to choose the crusher that is needed to break the material. For example, the impact crusher is characterized by its simple structure and large crushing ratio. People love it, but because of the low wear resistance of the impact crusher hammer and counterattack, it is very unsatisfactory for the crushing work of high hardness materials; the hammer crusher is broken by high hardness due to the hammer head. This plays a huge role, so the mine crusher is not necessarily expensive, it must be bought, but it is necessary to decide what kind of crusher machine to choose according to its own needs to save time and cost. This is the most important skill we have in buying a crusher, and we must recognize the direction in order to succeed.
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