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How does the metal crusher remove impurities during work?

Posted by crushermachine2 
How does the metal crusher remove impurities during work?
November 08, 2018 10:11PM
The metal crusher is specially used for crushing various metal materials. It can be used to break up these metal materials into small metal particles at one time to facilitate recycling in steel mills and foundries. These small metal particles of the metal crusher not only reduce the transport into.
The most basic conditions for choosing a slag crusher: one depends on the conditions of the material you are going to crush, the second depends on the output you want for one hour, the third looks at the quality of the crusher and the performance and technical parameters of the compactor! As long as you understand these three items clearly, your choice will not be wrong.
crushing plants is basically smeared with some dust, beverage liquid dry matter, waste paper, paint, etc. These materials are crushed by a metal crusher and then blown under the high speed of the internal cavity of the crushing chamber. It is knocked down, turned into debris, removed through the discharge port, and then mixed into the finished product. It is necessary to reduce the paint and impurities in the finished product, otherwise the impurities are not well acquired, and the high-speed fan installed at the position of the discharge port is strictly controlled for the quality of the finished product, and the wind of the fan will be the impurity of the discharge port. Dust, paper dust, plastic foam and other impurities are collected and dust pollution is reduced by the dust collector equipment.
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