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Being a tree is honest

Posted by ylq 
Being a tree is honest
October 11, 2018 11:26PM
Being a tree is honest, and being honest is the root. Many countries value integrity. In the early 20th century, there was a young man named Morgan in the United States. He owned two hotels and opened a fire insurance company with a few friends. The business was very prosperous. However, there was an unpredictable situation. A big company insured by his insurance company suddenly had a fire Carton Of Marlboro Reds. If it was compensated, the insurance company would not have enough. In order to protect their own interests, the panicked partners have retired their shares to recover their losses Carton Of Cigarettes.an, who cherished his own credibility, decided to abandon his property and keep his reputation. He bought the hotels and hotels that he had worked hard for many years, and bought the shares of everyone at the reserve price. Through other financing channels Parliament Cigarettes, he returned more than 1 million insurance compensation to the insured at the fastest speed. For a time, Morgan's reputation as a fire insurance company spread throughout New York City.me, Morgan, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, has only one empty shell-like insurance company. Of course, Mr. Morgan has also become the largest shareholder of the company. In desperation Newport Cigarettes Website, he made an advertisement: The company has done its best to repay the insurance money. d second morning, Mr. Morgan, who had only $5, went to work with a briefcase. When he walked to the street where the company was located, I saw that the street was crowded, and many people who came to insured were crowded at the door of his fire insurance company... Soon, Mr. Morgan bought the original hotel. And the re caused Mr. Morgan to be on the verge of bankruptcy. Similarly, this fire has made a family business. The is the foundation of all virtues. Dishonestness may be deceived for a while, but in the end there will be a day of exposure, and losing the trust of everyone will cause great harm to yourself. Of course, being honest, doing honest things, and telling the truth, sometimes you may suffer, but honest people are worthy of their own conscience, and they are conscience, and he will eventually benefit from it.able is honesty! Hey, get up the kid. Fanka blinked his eyes, a basin of cold water dripped all over, his head awake, his body shivering, his eyes opened, the boss and the boss were standing in front of him Marlboro Red, Vanka was calm, waiting for the upcoming The disaster. The boss untied the belt, and t" belt fell on the weak body of Vanka like a raindrop.
Vanka produced the idea of ??going home, a perfect plan was made in Vanka's mind, he endured the pain, sneaked into the kitchen with the remaining weak strength, picked up a bag of bread and a skin, and walked out The
Vanka has just stepped out of the gate, and there are some small black spots in the thick snow. When I look closer, it is a letter. The writing is very vague. I have seen the name of my grandfather faintly. I just sent out. The letter, Vanka��s face immediately gloomy and continued to walk. One day, two days, Vanka��s food was finished, the shoes were worn out, and I came to a strange place. There was no one on the street. Only the white snowflakes, Vanka fell in the snow, and it was already bruised. .
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