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Today, I read the book

Posted by ylq 
Today, I read the book
October 11, 2018 11:25PM
Today, I read the book "Xiao Bing Zhang Wei" under the recommendation of the teacher. The book tells a little boy named Zhang Wei, who lives with her grandmother. Later, Grandma sacrificed to cover the Eighth Route Army's old Zhong Shu. In order to take revenge, the nephew went to the Eighth Route Army as a small investigator. Xunzi tried every means to get a gun of his own, but it was always confiscated. Later, the scorpion fought hard and finally got the gun of his beloved. Zhang Wei��s witty and brave personality left a deep impression on me. What impressed me the most was the plot of the scorpion to explore the enemy for the Eighth Route Army. Scorpion said that he would give the emperor an egg, and tried to mix it in. He made a fierce struggle with the devil and rescued Yu Ying. with fierce enemies, Xunzi is not afraid of danger, and swears to rebel Marlboro Cigarettes. Compared with Zhang Wei, we live in this beautiful day. Unlike the nephews, they live heartily, poverty and hunger all day long. How happy we are. Today's happiness is hard to come by. Our happy life is exchanged with blood by the ancestors of the ancestors decades ago. In the war of resistance against Japan, Zhang Wei defeated the enemy once and for all with his own ingenuity. We should also learn from Zhang Wei. When faced with difficulties, we should not shrink and bravely face it!eryone has the first time, whether it is unforgettable or funny, but it makes us remember and we are unforgettableake your hand and return to Newing the mouse to find the right music for our Mars Girl combination. This is the incumbent combination of my sister and our good girlfriends, although it is not as good as those of the king, but in our The community is also a household name! In order to stay in shape, after we had dinner, we took the mobile phone and badminton and went out to play with the sister and Xiaotian��s school! Then just go to rehearsal. Because we went every day, we were discovered by everyone soon Marlboro Menthol 100S.d grandmother said, "Little girls, turned around, let everyone see, give you a comment!" After that, a few children applauded! What. "I am dizzy~" I am the captain, I am HappyGirl, my sister is loveGirl, Xiaotian is feedingGirl, I asked: "Which jump?" "Girlhood!" "No, still idol!" They disputed Endless, no stopping. I am still eccentric to my sister. So we started! I put music, I couldn't help but say, "It's so nervous!" "Thank God!" Xiaotian said helplessly Newport Cigarettes Price, "Nani?" "Because our throat is thin, if it is thick, the heart will jump out." It��s up to you!your idol, I am a girl of ido. The white horse prince is so handsome and loves to be in my heart Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. How can I express my confession? How can we say it?" Our songs seem to spread throughout the building, unconsciously, our audience It��s too much, and my heart is beating with the increase in the number of people. Is this the feeling of being a star? No Cigarettes For Sale, it��s so sin! But slowly everyone is used to it! After the jump, we bowed, and everyone applauded the deafening applause. Later, several children said, "The big sister is coming, the big sister is coming...." We jumped and sang loudly. Sakura grass, OH! In the days to come, we redoubled our rehearsal. One day, some adults took their children to let the children come to us. We asked all of them on the head. This is one of the girls said: "Star sister, I want to sign!" We are too!", my expression is very embarrassing, but the heart is as sweet as pouring fifty bottles of hst time as a star, wow! I want to be a real star when I grow up, this is awesome! Some people chase, some people hold it. We can pay a certain amount of effort! After our continuous improvement, we also jumped even more cool and enchanting.
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