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Posted by gsnoopy520 
January 07, 2018 10:39PM
Throughout its history http://www.cheapbelgiumsoccerjerseys.com/nacer-chadli-jersey/ , Limoges porcelain has been made by a number of factories and artisans. In fact, contrary to what many people believe, Limoges is not the name of a company that makes china or porcelain at all. Instead, the name, Limoges can, and is, used to refer to any piece of porcelain that is made in the town of Limoges, France and that also uses kaolin clay. Many people think of fine porcelain when they hear the name ?Limoges.?

Kaolin, which means ?white clay? in Chinese, is a mineral, and the chief ingredient of porcelain. One of the oldest towns in France, Limoges is near the site of the European discovery of kaolin. After that momentous discovery, a single manufacturing installation was established in 1771 by two brothers, Fourneira and Massie Grellet http://www.cheapbelgiumsoccerjerseys.com/mousa-dembele-jersey/ , in Limoges. The production of fine porcelain began in earnest.

That one factory enjoyed such great success that the King of France purchased it. In this way, the installation could make the Limoges porcelain that would be painted at the royal porcelain factory that was maintained outside of Paris.

By the 19th century, a number of facilities were opened in order to satisfy the desires of the courts of Europe who demanded the finest in Limoges porcelain. These factories, such as Pouyat, Baignol, Alluaud, and Tharaud, became famous makers of Limoges china.

A man by the name of David Haviland, who hailed from New York, established a Limoges porcelain factory in 1842. This facility made Haviland china. This famed Limoges brand, was targeted for the market in the United States. As a result, Limoges porcelain garnered international recognition as the premier producer of china.

During the 1880s, Limoges porcelain blanks were produced in Limoges, France and then sent to the United States. Members of china painting clubs would gleefully follow the enclosed instructions in order to successfully paint the Limoges china vases and plates. Although very beautiful and a great way to build a collection of Limoges porcelain informally http://www.cheapbelgiumsoccerjerseys.com/michy-batshuayi-jersey/ , these Limoges porcelain pieces are not particularly collectible.

Often decorated using gold trim and a Victorian theme against whiteware Limoges porcelain, this is probably what comes to most people s minds when they think of Limoges china. Each manufacturing installation signed, or otherwise marked, the bottom of the Limoges porcelain pieces that were designed there. In addition, the Limoges china carried the name of ?Limoges? stamped on the bottom.

Unlike some other makers of porcelain, Limoges porcelain makers borrowed ideas for decorating this fine bone china from many sources. These sources include Japan and India from which many of the ideas for the oriental types of Limoges china were borrowed. These appealed to the United States market.

In another example of borrowing from the trends at the time, Limoges china made tea sets that were based on designs found in the factories of Meissen, Sevres, and Vienna makers of porcelain during the Edwardian period. Because there are so many variations of Limoges porcelain and, since so many factories and artisans made it, reproductions of Limoges china are rare and should not be a concern for the collector.
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