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type of coffee you might need to know

Posted by milandell 
type of coffee you might need to know
September 01, 2017 05:23AM
Coffee is a kind of beverage, usually served as heat and prepared from the beans of roasted coffee, is currently the second most traded commodity after petroleum. Coffee is the main source of protein.
Of the various types of coffee that exist in the world see the first type of coffee as follows:

Robusta Coffee

Or two important types or types of coffee, produced by two different plant species, arabica is traditional coffee, robusta has a higher caffeine can be developed in an environment where cheap arabica. Rabustas are usually not enjoyed by themselves, due to its bitter and sour taste. High quality Robusta is usually used in some espresso blends.

Civet coffee

One type of coffee that is unusual and very expensive is a kind of arabica and robusta in Indonesia called Luwak coffee. This coffee is collected from kotorn luwak, whose digestive process gives a unique flavor. This type of coffee is very special because the mongoose or civet naturally choose the coffee beans that have been cooked to eat. Uncompassible coffee beans will come out with fese luwak.

Liberica Coffee

Liberica coffee comes from Angola and entered Indonesia itself since 1965. Reportedly liberica coffee is the best coffee from all the coffee in the World. However, the volume of liberica coffee circulation is very minimal in the world so it is very rare to find because the quality of fruit and low . This liberica tree can reach a height of 30 meters. And leberica coffee beans is the largest size coffee beans in the world. Some varieties of liberica coffee ever imported in Indonesia include Ardoniana and Durvei.

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Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is the most widely used coffee variety in the world, with a variety of unique and distinctive flavors of each variety. Verietas is the first known and cultivated first by humans and is the most widely cultivated coffee group until the end of the nineteenth century. However, after the XIX dominance of arabica coffee began to decline, because it is very vulnerable to disease, especially in lowland areas, some of the famous varieties among others.

Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffees have a strong taste and aroma if directly fried, Colombian Milds, these varieties include coffee from colombia, kenya, tanzania. Hawaiian Kona Coffe, planted at the foot of the Hualalai Mountains in Hawaii's Kona district. This coffee has a high price because of its popularity.

Java Coffee (Java Coffe)

Derived from Java island in Indonesia. this coffee is so famous that the name of Java became the name of coffee identity. Mocha, coffee from yemen was formerly traded in mocha port in Yemen.

Of the types of coffee that we refer to above, can be produced into several types of famous beverages include, type of drink basic coffee grounds:


Commonly called normale in Italy and is the most popular type of coffee. Is a pure black coffee water and thick. And became the basis for making many other types of coffee. Served in one-third or less than half a small cup. Commonly drunk with or without sugar.


The origin of the word means tarnished. Is an espresso mixed with a little milk or hot foam. Served one-third or less than half a small cup. If the cup is bigger. His name is Cappuccino

Coffee Latte

The language is dairy coffee, an espresso added with or 3 times the dosage of milk from the teapot usually reserved in the bar.


An espresso is added to the damaged hot milk. The classic beverage for Italian breakfast is believed to be more "heavy" the best composition comprises one-third espresso one-third of hot milk, and one-third of dense foam milk. Served in a cup larger than the usual cup of espresso milk. Usually taken with sugar.


It is said that a typical Moroccan coffee that has fans in Milan. It's actually an espresso plus hot milk foam and a chocolate topping on it. Served in small cups.
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