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Posted by gsnoopy520 
March 14, 2019 07:10PM
Animals > Pets > Dogs > Dog TrainingWing Chun Dummy the Perfect Practice Partner
Posted by Wingchundummy in Animals on September 3rd Cheap Zinho Vanheusden Jersey , 2018

Wing Chun is a form of a Chinese martial art. This is like a form of self-defense which generally makes use of both the grappling as well as striking when it focuses in close range combat. This type of martial arts was mainly passed on down from the teacher to the teacher through the means of oral communication.

Now if you wish to train for wing Chun then you must use the Wing Chun wooden dummy. But before we get into the fundamentals of the actual training, knowing a little bit about the history is also vital.

If you wish to practice Wing Chun, you must know that having a Wing Chun dummy is vital because it’s very hard to practice this type martial art on your own d9ffrent training dummy or a "mook jong," it certainly solves that difficulty and it helps a lot. Now here’re the three top reasons why you must’ve your own practice wooden dummy!

Distance Training

You get to train your range so you know the distance between your opponent and the strike. Having the accurate distance is significant because it does not matter how hard you can hit something Cheap Yuto Nagatomo Jersey , if you can’t reach your target, it’ll be as if you did not strike at all.

All-Around Training

You get to practice and train the mook jong style which is a more advanced form in this type of martial arts and it’s very useful and helps with going over the training such as striking, sensitivity training and visualization. When I say visualization, I mean being able to picture the legs and arms as physical extensions that you must defend and attack against with this wooden dummy you can learn this efficiently.

Being Independent

And the most vital reason to acquire a Wing Chun dummy is being able to train at any time and on your own schedule. It’s very hard and difficult to schedule practice session time with other students because everybody is busy but having a mook jong solves that problem because owning one means you can always train on your own and on your own schedule.


The wooden dummy allows appropriate application and use of force. By enhancing the understanding of positions Cheap Yann Karamoh Jersey , angles and footwork the practitioner can be trained to develop complete body power. Body power which is force and speed combined is the key to a lot of the movements of this martial art form.


The wing Chun dummy is perfect to teach timing and how to flow efficiently from one technique to another. This can make a huge difference to the amount of work needed to be successful in learning this technique.

The most well-liked form of the wooden dummy is almost certainly the Wing Chun form. You can develop your fighting skills plus chi altogether due to the leg and the arm arrangement which is utilized into the wooden dummy.

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