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Posted by noornada 
February 06, 2019 12:17PM
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A pesticide insecticide plant
The best institutions that provided many reasons to contribute to the insecticide in a better manner and to search for new methods of pest control and implemented better than the pesticide pesticide machines at the highest level and pesticides have the potential to use in many places creatively high quality and effective instant extermination

History of Insects
Since many scientific studies have proved that the history of insects dates back millions of years and exactly since about four hundred and eighty million years and it is one of the things that led us to know about the first insects present on the ground and are:

Silverfish: From the data worth mentioning about this insect that it existed on the ground before the presence of dinosaur more than two hundred and fifty years
Huntsman Spiders: This type of spiders is one of the earliest insects on the ground, which was originally inhabited in the water and is the origin of the other types of spiders heterogeneous world
Moth: Many studies have shown the extent of the foot of the moth insect on the ground, which may be surprised to coincide with the plants on the ground has preceded the emergence of dinosaurs for a long time

I am an insect
Because insect species are great, we can identify some of the most common groups and insects:

Insects that are collected in the form of colonies, namely: wasps, ants, bees and sashes, including what live in nests or in the excavation under the ground or honey cell cells
Insects with wings such as flies, whether outside, mosquito or home
Bedding sets are bed bugs and moths
As for the garbage collection, you will find a great bunch of insects such as grasshoppers, locusts and cockroaches
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