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Big Cat Country Q&A: Should the Jacksonville Jaguars bench Leonard Fournette?

Posted by chenyan94 
Big Cat Country Q&A: Should the Jacksonville Jaguars bench Leonard Fournette?
December 05, 2018 06:58PM
Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the New England Patriots!Nick from Jacksonville http://www.jaguarscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-andrew-norwell-jersey , FLQ: Should we bench Leonard Fournette for a couple of weeks so he doesn’t have a nagging hamstring all year?A: No. No, no, no, no, and no. Any game where Leonard Fournette is not playing will be one where the offense will be absolutely ineffective. This team runs (no pun intended) through Fournette. Everything and everyone else literally depends on him — T.J. Yeldon and Corey Grant are not at their best without him, Blake Bortles will see more defenders in coverage, the receivers will see less separation... the defense would be our only hope in winning games.Jim from Kingsland, GAQ: Is Donte Moncrief our biggest disappointment from our offseason signings? A: No, but only because it’s just Week 1. It’s not his fault the most important piece of the offense was injured in the second quarter of the only game he’s ever played. Let’s let the season play out until at least Week 8 or Week 9 until we start drawing those sorts of conclusions.Cmass from Ormond Beach, FLQ: Why do they not give Corey Grant more touches? He’s the fastest player on the field and hardly ever turns the ball over unlike T.J. Yeldon who has a habit of dropping the ball. He barely played Sunday.A: We wrote a piece talking specifically about this issue, but the long and short of it is Grant is a special player that you have to manufacture touches for. If the defense doesn’t give you the right look, then the play is dead. You’ve got to constantly be evolving the looks or having looks you can also use with other plays so it’s not a dead give away to the defense that Grant is getting the ball and going a certain way.Johnny from Philadelphia, PAQ: What is the real reason the Jaguars aren’t calling Dez Bryant?A: He’s not that good.Luke from Carbondale, ILQ: Is Yannick Ngakoue lowkey the best player on the team?A: Jalen Ramsey.Vasya from Svetlogorsk, RussiaQ: Do you expect a lot Ronnie Harrison on Rob Gronkowski this Sunday?A: I expect Ronnie to be part of it, yes, but like the AFC Championship Game you should expect to see a number of different defenders — including Jalen Ramsey — to be defending him. Mike from Jacksonville, FLQ: Will they bench Blake Bortles in favor of Cody Kessler by Week 5 if he continues to play like he usually does?A: Not if they’re 3-1.David from Aguadilla, Puerto RicoQ: Being that Leon Jacobs is a seventh rounder starting on a top-five defense — is Jacobs that talented or are the Jaguars just that thin at linebacking talent?A: Probably a little from Column A and a little from Column B. But Jacobs has been good so far and he fits what the Jaguars are trying to do on defense. He’s not a plug and play guy for every defense in the league, but he’s good enough that he can learn while he plays.Joey from Jacksonville, FLQ: Do you think a comparison of Yannick Ngakoue and Myles Jack to that of Kevin Hardy and Tony Brackens is a fair one or do you think they will be better?A: I don’t think they’ll be better players, but I think they’ll have more productive careers. Brackens’ career was cut short by injury but he’s probably one of the most dominant athletes the Jaguars have ever had. He was so, so good in real time. Hardy was such a good linebacker, especially in blitzes, but his time in Jacksonville was cut short because of injury too or else he’d have probably stayed another three or four years. In all, Brackens played about seven seasons worth of games and Hardy played eight. I think Yannick and Myles both surpass them in how long they’re here in Jacksonville.Mark from Santa Maria, CAQ: Help me to understand why the offense is so reliant on Leonard Fournette in order to function effectively and why Doug Marrone goes into an ultra-conservative mode when the team has a second half lead? It sounds like a great strategy when everyone is healthy and breaks fall in your favor but disastrous when the opposite happens. Is there some truth to this?A: An offense can either rely on its run game or passing game, Leonard Fournette or Blake Bortles. Look at what the Jaguars have spent in beefing up the run game (an All-Pro left guard, highest paid center, a first round draft pick, a second round draft pick, and an undrafted free agent who got a second round tender) compared to the passing game. As far as getting ultra-conservative, Marrone is a big believer in turnovers being the number one indicator of whether a team is going to win or not,Bostonjagsfan from Boston, MAQ: Home opener coming up, with a lot of out-of-town Jaguars fans flocking to The Bank. What are the top three places to go or things to do before the game?A: Hmmm... well, you’re gonna get more than three. Breakfast at Maple Street Biscuit or Metro Diner (or both). Lunch at Nacho Taco. Dinner and beers at Intuition Ale Works. Make sure you’re at the tailgate early, the traffic gets horrendous.Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Minnesota Vikings: Live blog for preseason Week 2 The Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings complete their week of joint practices with the second preseason game for both teams, as the two meet at U.S. Bank Stadium for a special 1 PM EST Saturday afternoon kick off.Jacksonville will be looking to see if their first and second team offenses can continue the momentum of last week’s preseason opener, despite having less than great performances in the teams’ two joint practices earlier this week.On the flip side, the Jaguars defense was as advertised in practices with the Vikings and quarterback Kirk Cousins’ offense this week Cheap Logan Cooke Jersey , and will look to continue that into today’s game.How to WatchTV:NFL Network will be carrying the game live nationally at 1 PM EST. If you live in the Jacksonville area, the game will be carried on the team’s official station Action News Jax CBS 47, but blacked out on NFLN due to black out rules. You can also stream the game for free via the team’s website if you live in the UK, Mexico, Canada, and the team’s secondary markets including Orlando, Tallahassee, Savannah.Live Blog4:18 PM: Jarrod Wilson forces a fumble, recovered by Blair Brown and the Jaguars wrap up preseason week 2 with a 14-10 victory! Thanks for following along with me today. 4:06 PM:Touchdown Jaguars! Brandon Wilds runs it in, and Jags take the lead 14-10. Vikings have 1:55 with all three time outs.4:03 PM: Rashad Greene Sr. fields a punt and returns it all the way to the Vikings 5 yard line. Brandon Wilds runs for 2, and it’s 2nd & Goal from the 3 as we hit the final two minute warning. Jags looking to go in for the win.3:55 PM: The Jaguars got into Vikings territory but had to punt, after the Jags offensive line was apparently replaced by 5 garbage pails. Punt is downed inside the 10 by Jaydon Mickens.3:44 PM: Following a God awful call on a, “hit against a defenseless player”, the Jags defense holds Sloter to another punt, and the Jags take over with 7 inutes left in the game. Still 10-7 Vikings. 3:31 PM: A promising drive ends in another punt for the Jaguars. Kessler was mostly efficient but the Vikings defenders blew up a would-be screen on 3rd down, sacking the quarterback instead. Vikings take over with 11 minutes left inside their 10.3:23 PM: End of the 3rd quarter, finds the Jaguars driving inside the Vikings zone with a 3rd & 5 coming up. A couple of good throws from Kessler and strong running from Brandon Wilds.3:14 PM: Vikings 2nd/3rd team offense runs the ball down the throat of the Jags defense, and caps it off with a 1 yard TD run. Real bad run fits and tackling at every level of the Jag back up defense. 10-7 Vikings3:07 PM: Jags punt it back to the Vikings after a Cody Kessler pass to DJ Chark sails wide on 3rd down. Chark had a well thrown ball go through his hands on the previously play.2:59 PM: All back ups now, but it doesn’t matter for the defense as they again force another short possession for the Vikings offense. So far this game really was everything we expected.2:54 PM: Jags 2nd team offense starts the second half, and quickly fizzles out after a sack on Cody Kessler on 3rd & mid that should have been a penalty for going low on the quarterback but we have the NFL officials in full season form. Also, Josh Wells pass blocking should just be shown as the next “Halloween” film, cause it’s horrific. 2:48 PM: Here’s what I mean about Cam Robinson..Halftime Thoughts:The first team offense for the Jaguars was the focus coming in and the results were similar to the joint practices, some good, some bad.Blake Bortles, aside from the really bad interception early, I thought was relatively OK and recovered great from the pick.The offensive line did not look great. Not a lot of holes for Fournette & Yeldon, and too much pressure allowed on Blake. Granted Norwell & Parnell are OUT and Brandon Linder left with a knee ailment. Cam Robinson struggled immensely with Danielle Hunter, that’s not ideal.The first team defense versus the Vikings first team offense was fun to watch. They’re ready.Too many penalties, and a sloppy game thus far.2:37 PM: Nothing doing for the Jags offense against the back up defense of the Vikings to end the half. First half ends with Bortles being sacked on 3rd & mid by a free defender who came untouched through the middle due to missed assignment by Tyler Shatley. 7-3 Jags at halftime.2:30 PM: Stop me if you heard this before, but the Jags defense forces a quick 3 & out. Dede Westbrook returns the punt 47 yards....but its negated by a block in the back by Moncrief. The Jags starting offense....returns for a final two minute drill.2:26 PM: We come to the two minute warning. After a nice run from T.J. Yeldon for about 20 yards, the Jags’ offense peters out, leading to another Logan Cooke punt that’s covered well after being fielded inside the Vikings 15 yard line. The Jags mix of 1st & 2nd team defenders come back out for what NOW should be their last drive of the game.2:20 PM: The Jags defense, with starters like Telvin, Myles, and Yan still in the game, force another 3 & out with a sack by Yan involved during the drive. The starting offense for the Jags coming back out.2:15 PM: The Jaguars driving but get a killer penalty for an illegal block on Keelan Cole, with the starting offense still in. Blake Bortles had a nice 3rd down throw to Marqise Lee to convert for the first down during the drive. Josh Lambo misses, yes you read that right, from about 50 yards. Still 7-3 as Vikings take over with under 6 minutes left in the half.2:05 PM: The national narrative will be Blake looked “eh”, but may I present Kirk Cousins’ day...2:02 PM: The Jaguars defense holds Trevor Simian and the Vikings mostly 2nd team offense to a field goal attempt, that is bonked off the upright by Kyle Forbath. Still 7-3 Jaguars as we make it halfway through the 2nd quarter. The Vikings found some success running that drive against a mixture of Jags 1st & 2nd teamers.1:55 PM: Starting offense back out and goes 3 & out http://www.jaguarscheapstore.com/barry-church-jersey-cheap , as Niles Paul drops a perfect throw on 3rd down that would’ve went for 20 yards. Some injury news, Brandon Linder has left the game with what the team is calling a “knee injury”. 1:50 PM: The Jags keep a majority of starters in on defense, and again they dominate, forcing another 3 & out for Kirk Cousins and the Vikings starting offense. Folks, the Jagsstarting defense has owned the show thus far today, as they had all week,1:46 PM: Touchdown Jaguars! Fournette plows in from the half yard line after Blake runs for 11 on 3rd & goal. Good response from Blake and the offense after the turnover. 7-3 Jaguars. That’s probably the end of the game for the starting offense and defense.1:37 PM: Jaguars have a nice drive developing that’s included much better accuracy from Blake here. Moncrief, Yeldon, and Fournette getting involved as the Jags are allowing the Vikings aggressiveness to set up some big gainers on screen plays. The Jags now have 1st & Goal from the 10.1:31 PM: Bad Blake throws an interception right into the chest of Pro Bowl safety Harrison Smith, but the defense reciprocates, as Murray has the ball knocked out by Malik Jackson and recovered by Calais Campbell. Jags ball in a defensive struggle thus far.1:25 PM: AJ Bouye gets a flag for the worst penalty I’ve ever seen called. Murray the running back lowers his head, AJ does the same, AJ gets the flag. What a God awful officiated game already. Vikings getting so much striped shirt help they to keep drive going they should wear purple! Tyler Patmon stops Laquon Treadwell on 3rd & long, and the drive is finished by a made field goal. 3-0 Refs...err, Vikings.1:17 PM Yannick gets a huge sack for a lost of 10 on Cousins, but a bullshit flag for “taunting” negates the negative play and gives Vikings 1st down inside Jags territory.1:14 PM: The Jags fare no better on offense, as Bortles completes a quick hitter to Lee for 5; Fournette gets nothing on a stretch run, and the Vikings nearly pick off Blake on 3rd down on a pass in which Donte Moncrief appeared to slip in his route. Jags punt and give Vikings excellent position from the Minnesota 40. Similar drive to how practices had gone this week for the first team offense.1:11 PM: Tyler Patmon with a big pass break up on Theilen; Murray gets a yard, and Barry Church gets perfect coverage on Kyle Rudolph to force essentially a 3 & out. Great push by the defensive line, better coverage by the secondary.108 PM: Jags win the toss and we are underway, with the Vikings offense taking the field first.1:06 PM: A sober moment pre kick off..12:51 PM: As we await kick off in a few minutes. Here’s Leo doing OBJ things...12:15 PM: Here’s FCN’s Mike Kaye with some interesting thoughts on the replacements filling in today.11:45 AM: And here is the list of Vikings inactives, including running back and former FSU stand out Dalvin Cook, who did practice this past week.11:35 AM: I figured that Norwell & Parnell would not go, as they really haven’t done any team drills in almost two weeks now. A bit surprised Bryan is a no-go, as he practiced in full on Thursday.The biggest surprises are Gipson, Davis, & Dareus, whom all practiced and had been healthy up to this point of camp. Will be interesting to hear what led to them being OUT today. Keep in mind though, as we saw last week with folks like Keelan Cole, if the team feels there’s even a bit of injury risk, they’re not going to chance it, especially after two “scrimmages” already this week with the same team.11:30 AM: The Jaguars have announced their “non-dressed/OUT” list for today’s game. Some surprises on here. 10:56 AM: For the uniform savants like myself, looks like the Jags will debut the new all-whites today.10:45 AM: Good Morning, and welcome to a special Saturday afternoon of Jaguars football. I’m going to be paying extra attention to the offense today, as they were “OK” by all accounts Thursday when these teams last practiced, but were not good by any stretch on Wednesday. Pay particular attention to Cam Robinson today, as he faces a Pro Bowl level talent across from him in defensive end Danielle Hunter. Robinson reportedly had his issues with Hunter in practices, so I’ll be watching to see if he can keep Blake Bortles’ blind side as clean as he did in Week 1. Robinson must show up well this year, in my opinion, for the Jags to be successful on offense and this will be a great early test.
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