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directly about Clifford’s

Posted by zhangzk 
directly about Clifford’s
October 11, 2018 12:57AM
Sean Doolittle was just trying to snuff the fires of a Twitter fight between his Oakland Athletics and the band Smash Mouth.

Members of the band from the Bay Area called the A’s a joke for trading Coco Crisp in 2016 Authentic M.J. Stewart Jersey , and a heated argument ensued that the then-Oakland reliever got in the middle of.

”I was trying to calm the situation down by tweeting sentences using titles of their songs,” Doolittle said. ”It didn’t really work. They were at each other’s throats.”

After tweeting : ”Hey hey guys cmon. Why Can’t We Be Friends? last year was rough but I’m A Believer,” Doolittle figured what’s the use in trying. But he picked up support from lead singer Steve Harwell and bass player Paul De Lisle strong enough that Doolittle and his wife developed an online connection with Smash Mouth over the past two years.

”Sean chimed in something positive and supportive,” Harwell said.

Yep, what a concept. Since then, Smash Mouth has had a role in Doolittle and wife Eireann Dolan getting engaged, offered to play at their wedding and this month helped celebrate the Washington Nationals closer’s second All-Star appearance.

”When this happened, Eireann was like, `Maybe every major event that happens in our lives, we need to find a way to celebrate it with Smash Mouth,”’ Doolittle said.

Smash Mouth’s ”All-Star” has been a sports anthem since it became a hit in 1999, but not many athletes can say the band has told them, ”Hey now you’re an All-Star” like Doolittle. Because of a toe injury, Doolittle couldn’t get his game on and go play in the All-Star Game on Tuesday night, but he and his wife can count this as another Smash Mouth milestone in their lives.

The last time came shortly after the couple got engaged in February 2017. Someone from Smash Mouth interjected into a Twitter conversation between Dolan and a friend and told Doolittle don’t delay, act now, prodding him about getting a ring and proposing.

Knowing all that glitters is gold, he already had. They were waiting to tell family and friends before announcing it, and suddenly it looked like Smash Mouth was responsible for the engagement.

”That’s exactly what happened,” Doolittle said. ”A few hours later we did tweet out an announcement or something that we had got engaged and a bunch of people caught on and they were like, `Oh my gosh Smash Mouth finally convinced Sean to propose to Eireann.”’

Part of the band’s pitch to Doolittle was an offer to play at the wedding reception. He’s still not sure if it was a joke or not, saying Authentic JK Scott Jersey , ”Maybe we should have taken them up on it.”

”We did?” De Lisle said. ”Let’s just set up in front of the bullpen.”

When Doolittle was named to the NL All-Star team, he tweeted at Smash Mouth and, with the help of Dolan, finally got the band to declare , ”Hey Now You’re An All-Star.” When the song plays over the speakers at Doolittle’s home park, he won’t be the only one singing along, but he and his wife listen knowing Smash Mouth has a special place in their lives.

”It’s one of those kind of beautiful things that can only happen on social media,” Doolittle said. ”I’m glad we got to have some fun with it.”

Harwell and De Lisle had some more fun on Twitter asking when Doolittle will be a free agent and said they want him to sign with the San Francisco Giants – and bring Bryce Harper with him.

”Every pitch he throws is like the last out in the World Series,” De Lisle said. ”I love the way that dude pitches. He’s a total rock star.”

Doolittle is signed through 2021, so for now, Smash Mouth will have to settle for being fans of him and Dolan in Washington.

”We love them and would do anything for them,” Harwell said. ”They are some cool people we consider friends.”

Mitch Kupchak is confident Michael Jordan’s Hornets will become an NBA playoff team again soon, possibly even next season.

But just how he intends to help Charlotte get there remains unclear – for now.

The Hornets new general manager and president of basketball operations said during his introductory news conference Tuesday this is a job he coveted. But the 63-year-old Kupchak was vague when it came to pressing questions surrounding the futures of the franchise’s top player Kemba Walker, eight-time All-Star center Dwight Howard and coach Steve Clifford – as well as whether the team needs to undergo a complete rebuilding process.

”I’m limited in my knowledge other than what I have seen on TV and learned in the last 48 hours,” said Kupchak, who accepted the job on Sunday. No details have been released about the terms of his contract.

He helped the Los Angeles Lakers win seven NBA titles and has spent 30 years as a front office executive, including 17 as the Lakers’ general manager.

He hopes to build a winner in Charlotte too – with Jordan’s help.

”I don’t know why I wouldn’t seek out his opinion,” said Kupchak, adding that Jordan is arguably the greatest player ever to play the game.

Kupchak said Jordan is still very passionate about not only the NBA game, but the college game as well – and keeps up on the talent.

”I hope that most of the time we are on the same page and there may be a couple of times we are not,” Kupchak said. ”He may look at me and say, `You know Mitch Blake Bortles Jersey Black , we don’t see eye-to-eye on this but you do what is best.’ Or he maybe he will look at me and say, `Mitch we don’t see eye-to-eye on this one but this is my decision.’ And that is his right as an owner.”

In Los Angeles, Kupchak inherited a roster from Jerry West where he acknowledged ”the cupboards were full.”

Behind Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, the Lakers became a dynasty.

Things are little different in Charlotte, which lacks the glitz of a big market like Los Angeles, the talent of a Golden State and the history of franchise like Boston.

Kupchak inherits a team with 10 players under contract next season leaving the Hornets close the luxury tax threshold – making turning over the roster a little difficult.

Charlotte’s most tradable commodity is Walker, who has played in the last two All-Star games and is making just $12 million a year with one season left on his contract before becoming a free agent.

Walker is the franchise’s all-time leading scorer, but he’s also stated that he would prefer to win playoff games rather than go through a rebuilding process.

”I like a player that doesn’t want to be somewhere where they’re going to lose,” Kupchak said. ” … I know he’s had an All-Star year. It’s tough to answer the question with any certainty.”

He said the same goes for the 32-year-old Howard, who rebounded from two lackluster seasons in Houston and Atlanta with a solid campaign this season for the Hornets averaging 16.7 points, 12.4 rebound and 1.6 blocks in 80 games played.

Howard played for Kupchak in Los Angeles when he was GM there, and Kupchak said he didn’t want the big man to leave for Houston as a free agent.

He said he’s watched Howard play recently and likes what he’s seen.

”He is as lively and energetic as I have seen him play in years and years and years,” Kupchak said. ”I know next year is the last year of his deal so there is some uncertainty with some of the players going forward.”

There is also uncertainty surrounding Clifford’s future.

Charlotte has made the playoffs twice in five seasons under Clifford, but has never advanced out of the first round. Clifford missed a large portion of this past season dealing with headaches related to sleep deprivation.

Clifford spent one season with the Lakers and Kupchak felt at that time he had head coaching potential.

But when asked directly about Clifford’s future with the Hornets, Kupchak struck a popular refrain, saying he just got the job two days ago, ”so in all fairness I have not had the time” to assess.

As for whether the Hornets need to rebuild, Kupchak said, ”I don’t know if that is the right word or not. I think our actions in the next three months might answer that question.”

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